Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Compound Words

This has been quite a learning experience for me.  I am trying to not let my addictive personality completely take over.  I could be here all night trying to figure new things out.  I have finally figured out how to share my document (so you can actually see it) using Scribd.  For some reason, GoogleDocs does not work for me.  I can't upload my documents.  I would like for the Scribd box to appear smaller, but I'm going to try and "squelch" the perfectionist in me and just let it go for now. 
The following is an activity that I created to help my students practice making and reading compound words.  I laminated and cut them out (cutting the words apart) and placed them on a cookie sheet with a spatula.  The kids are totally having a blast using the spatula to find two cookie halves to make a compound word.  Then they record their findings on the recording sheet.  I'll try to snap a shot of them working on this activity during seatwork/center time.
Compound Word Cookies

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