Monday, February 28, 2011

Things I Love

Sooo, you probably know Jodi at Fun in First Grade is hosting a linky party for Favorite Things.
Ok.  Here it goes.  I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet because one of my favorite things is about to begin in about 7 minutes. 
1. Reality TV. 
In particular, Jersey Shore, The Bachelor and American Idol.  If I start watching any reality show, I can be hooked after about 5 minutes.
(this is an edit from my original post, because I was embarassed that it looked liked like I loved the bachelor himself- LOL!  I admit, he's a handsome man, but it's the show that entertains me (really) :)
2.  DVR. 
 This is good and bad as it results in me watching WAAAAY too much TV!

3.  Watching my kids play sports
Right now that only involves my youngest play indoor soccer and baseball.  My oldest is a senior in high school and all done with his sports days for now.

4.  A Really Good Book
The last really good one I read was Water for Elephants - FABULOUS!

5.  Gadgets for my kitchen
I love to cook and I love Food Network.  So even though I will never host my own cooking show, I feel like I have to have all the stuff that the fancy peeps use.  Including, but not limited to...

6.  UGG Boots
I was gonna stop at 5, but I couldn't leave this one out.  Ok,  I live in California and it doesn't get that cold here.  Nothing like you gals with all your snow days, but when it drops below 50, that's pretty darn cold.  These are not the most feminine of shoes, but they are the warmest and most comfortable.  A must on Wednesdays (my yard duty day).
There's way more, like post-its and some other silly things, but looking for and adding pictures is driving me a little nuts because I have some TV to go watch!

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