Thursday, March 17, 2011

Money Songs

I LOVE TO SING!  Now, I'm no Kelly Clarkson (not a die-hard fan, but the girl can sing!), but I can carry a tune.  Although, I was once told by one of my kindergarten students that I would not make it Hollywood (on American Idol, of course).  Nevertheless, we sing all day long.  I especially love songs that teach!  Soooo.... I thought I would write a few of my own.  While getting ready to teach money to my kiddos, I was pulling out some money songs and found that I was missing my song for "nickels" and that I didn't much care for the "quarter" song.  Hence, my own collection of money songs written to familiar lyrics, was born.  I typed them big so we can add them to our poem/song folder.  We add to it throughout the year and it provides great practice for fluency as well.

By the way, I desperately want to know how to embed this link without it being so big.  I was hoping for just the picture of the document to show up.  I would love any pointers, if you have them.



  1. When I try to download these I lose all the print. Can you email them to me?

  2. Very cute - we are working on Money just now and I am sure this'll be perfect for my little firsties! Thank you for sharing:) Don't you love kids honesty? I love to sing too but admit that I am a bit more self concious when another adult is in the room than when it is just the kids and myself:_

  3. Hi, I would love to have the money songs and Delicious Doubles. I went to Scribd but their Facebook requirements seem invasive. Is there a chance you could send me a pdf? Thanks for all of your dedicated work... Sandi

  4. I can not get the pdf to come up. Will you email it to me

    Thank you.